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Friday, March 23, 2018

Interesting Readings 23 March 2018

Take this as a case study - all elements that reduce farmer's risks help. That is why I developed the Smart Agriculture Management System. It not only reduces risks but makes the process transparent allowing private parties to invest in agriculture support services that lower risks further. It should create a positive spiral. 

Key quote: 
We would assign a 25% probability to an early general election, clubbed together with state elections scheduled in Q42018 and H12019 (first half), including the key BJP states of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
This is to ride on better economic data that may turn by March 2019 unless structural reforms are undertaken. It should help campaigning for BJP.

The science is right. The carbon conversion from plant to human is more efficient than from plant-to-animal-to-human. However, the solution is not to cut the meat consumption in half. The solution is to capture the carbon. After all if one extends that logic, ultimately you will reach a point when humans are better off not living. [That is what Terminator and other movies suggest].

Roseneft is close to Putin and CEFC the company that was taking the stake has fallen out of favour of Chinese elite. They have backtracked on projects in other countries including Czech Republic. 

World War Watch
Two sets of parties are nicely moving together setting the stage for a big war. China-Pakistan-Iran-Russia and North Korea are tagged on one side (note - only by the media). On the other side are Quad+ 2 (Britain & France).  Some player equations are yet to evolve.  Saudi has an alliance with Russia. Russia with Iran. Russia is strategic partner of India too. Europe will abstain if Russia abstains otherwise they will side with US.

Brahmos is Russia India collaboration.

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