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About Me

I am an investor and author. I invest in Indian Equity markets. By all measures I am a very conservative long term investor. However, I do have a small resource pool to counter market asymmetry. Previously, I was a buy-side Analyst working with $18billion multi-strategy hedge-fund client. More details are listed in my resumeMy finance and economics blogmy daily readings etc can be viewed through those links. You can connect with me on LinkedIn.

My first book "Subverting Capitalism & Democracy" discusses the systemic faults in the democracy capitalism that created conditions favourable for the crisis. These conditions that helped create and foster greed cannot be ignored or we are condemned to another crisis. In the book, I discussed some of these systemic issues we must deal with to avoid a repeat of such terrible occurrence. 
I strongly believe in documenting and improving work process. In fact my ebook on process documentation and improvement is a good start if you want to deploy the strategy at your office.

Economics and social order, its impact on people's lives and therefore resulting innovation and development interest me. I am thrilled with potential changes in organisation structure to better address our new connected and highly innovative world. My first step was an ebook on organization structure for business growth (co-authored with Anne McCrossan, Advisor, specialist in Social business Design and founder of Visceral Business). Of particular interest is new employee roles for business growth, a blogpost I wrote years back. Here is a link to more of my blogposts on organisation structure. I will delve into this in more detail.

In general my contributions, i.e. serious work related ideas and concepts gravitate around four themes viz., Investment management (my job), Economics (my interest), Poverty Alleviation and Education Development (both dreams). I discuss first three on this blog. 

You can read more about me on my website. There are also links to some free ebooks about city development, telecom companies etc. You can reach me at rahuldeodhar [at] gmail [dot] com. Or leave a comment on this blog.