Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

2005, by all means, was a very tough year. But nestled in the tough twigs of challanges, there were tender eggs of promises. I managed some unbelievable things in 2005:

  • Lost everything in the Mumbai Floods but put it back together very soon. Rented a new place near Office cutting commuting time by solid 3 hours!!!
  • Got married to my sweetheart!! Had a dream honeymoon in the hills of Sikkim!
  • Won more deals than I could recollect till March! Lost more deals that I recollect but managed enough to achieve my targets till December!
  • Went on a Cruise and tried to imagine myself with Captain Cook!

What an eventful year!!!! And now to top it all 2006 is here!! Here is wishing everyone a warm prosperous and cracking 2006!!!