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Friday, March 02, 2018

Interesting Readings 02-March-2018

The rot at the board level is applicable not just for Public sector units but also to many companies. Most boards are co-opted cabals hand-in-glove with the promoters. There is no effective governance. Board level reforms are necessary for protection of shareholder interests.

Two Governments, Parliament And An Expert Body - How ICAI Is More Powerful Than All Of Them Menaka Doshi highlights how National Financial Reporting Authority is required to curb lax monitoring by ICAI. Yesterday another news item informs  Government has notified NFRA. It was essential to undertake proper regulations. Most of the scams today have the Chartered Accountant at the centre of it.

The article describes the research into musical instruments by Dr. C. V. Raman, Indian Nobel laureate. Quite interesting view on ektara.

Quote from the article
A more fundamental problem is how this deeply held desire that China – like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan—will one day become more like America clouds views about what is actually happening in China. James Mann, the author of 2008’s The China Fantasy:  Why Capitalism Will Not Bring Democracy to China, cited the long history of Pollyannish statements about China. “Trade freely with China, and time is on our side,” George W. Bush said, while Bill Clinton called the opening of China’s political system, “inevitable, just as inevitably the Berlin Wall fell.” Just like Gordon Chang’s notorious 2001 book The Coming Collapse of China, Bush and Clinton might be right but early: It’s certainly possible China liberalizes and democratizes – it’s just very unlikely.
 Sudheendra Kulkarni, who has lost the plot politically, remains a mature expert on many other matters. He counters the article above with caution. Naturally, Asia and India should keep an eye on both. A Quote
A final thought. It’s high time Indian commentators stopped viewing China through the tinted glasses of a West fearful of the coming end of its global domination. Let us bring innate Indian wisdom to bear on reforming our own flawed system of governance and also offer it to China to democratise itself, while simultaneously learning from the latter’s innate strengths. And there is much to learn from Xi Jinping’s Thought.
 Indo-pacific cooperation and the Quad are becoming increasingly important. Chinese aggression is threatening Japan, the ASEAN and international trade routes where China wants to control with multi-function ports and watch points.

Interesting perspective on Sen. Though I still believe capitalism is the best among broken systems.

Even Berkshire is invested in it. At 900billion, Apple is close. Amazon is at 730billion. However, Apple is losing its edge. There is a space at the very top with those "mis-fits" and that place no longer belongs to Apple. Someone must rise up to claim it. Question is who?

Something new after the hem line index and Men's underwear index this is a new addition. All three are in different class when it comes to prediction though.

Interesting perspective - one art market - collectible rugs seems to be on decline.

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