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Thursday, February 09, 2006

A new way to advertise online!

Long time ago email was a big thing and to get it free I did not mind my information being shared. I also agreed to look at some ads in the bargain! Not so today! Today I have a keen sense of screen map of my favourite email programs Gmail and Yahoo! Today my eyes conveniently ignore what is flashed across the screen that is not relevant to my email!! So can you make ads better? I thought of one way!

Do you know Yahoo! gives you an option of Avtars where you design a web personality for yourself. Now can you put that in the ad? Along with flowers and Avtars of my buddies (from my contact database of course) and can you not create an on-the-fly ad that makes sense for me? Like can you not describe a flash presentation of my Avatar giving a watch (Omega, Esprit, Casio etc) to my friend's Avatar with an option of buy a gift click here!!

I think thats a good way of inducing me to click on the watch site and I might actually buy something relevant. The key will be to identify the relationship between me and my friend correctly!!! Can Yahoo! or Google do that? Sure they can scan the emails through a web-crawler-like program and figure out what ads suit best. In fact Google can call it Relationship Rank algorithm!! (Hey if you are from Google and reading this post and planning to implement this please name it Rahul Rank!!) The Ranking can be based on frequency of emails, content in emails, key word search in emails and many more parameters.

Now let me hope that they make better ads to help me enhance my relationships!!! Fine trade-off for viewing ads!!!