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Monday, March 19, 2018

Interesting Readings 19 March 2018

V Ananthanageswaran points to interview of former election commissioner. It highlights how the proposal for electoral bonds (a salutary proposal at the time) has morphed into something of a joke against corruption. The mechanism for political party finance remains elusive.

India is considering creating a regulatory Sandbox for fintech. I think Singapore provides a good model, proactive and with feedback loops.

David Henderson writes about his experience of Uber Driver cancelling and ponders over the economic motivations.

World War Watch

Interesting development. Was the need of the hour.

Lockheed Martin is trying to sell F16s to India. Offering is unique. But F16 still has higher operational cost than Gripen and likes. I would rather have a Gripen aircraft with same deal as F16. Modern air warfare will most likely involve big-team strategies beyond visual range. Gripen can also be modified to carry Indian missile systems.

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