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Monday, March 09, 2009

Global Meltdown solution - Introduction

I have been amongst the most pessimistic about the prospects of global economy. There has been a lot of harping about what got us into the current mess. Together the blogosphere has painted a picture of gloom. And now that we have painted this dark tunnel it is time to paint the light and the end of it! It is time to decipher the solution to the crisis.
One of the reason great depression lasted as long as it did was because of delay in acknowledging the solution. The solution was always there - no doubt - but it took time for the solution to win over the decision-makers into coordinated action.
Thanks to globalisation and internet based coordination, we should be able to do it faster this time. If only we had the solution - or may be we do!
I present my side of solution in next few posts. Let us march towards a light - any light to begin with!