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Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Device for revolution

The search for next killer app is a product of two important components, the device and the service. However, real world economics drives each one independently though over a feedback loop. Consequently, we have mobile device manufacturers trying to add functionalities of popular services (like internet connectivity for email) and services are being designed taking into consideration the new devices (like m‑blogs).
I have mentioned about the components of device in my earlier post an year ago. Between that time and now we have significant developments along the lines of what I had written about. I am just going to summarize some of these developments.

Processors have gotten better
Mobile Processors are now a lot better with certain mobile devices now calling themselves computers, particularly Nokia N-Series Mobiles. These are not special processors but standard processors with stable OS with an ability to deal with text, different installable applications and their file types, streaming media etc. So now our mobile devices can identify different profiles of data like documents(Word, pdf, etc), html (xml) files, contact information files, text files, calendar entries, pictures, music files etc.

Devices have more memory
After a lot of development involving IPods and Mp3 players, we now have about 4GB of memory being stacked in a Sony Ericsson phone. The developments mini SD and micro SD cards, packing up to 2 GB in a micro SD, bring more good news.

Devices have better Human Interfaces
Human interaction with the devices has improved with touch screens, bigger screens, video conferencing cameras and full-function key boards being available on mobile phones. We also have mini USB to interface them with other devices.

Battery life is better
In spite of the famous Sony battery recall, we now have better and longer lasting batteries and devices that use power more efficiently. Put together we have more juice in our hand-held than few years back.

Network Interface
Devices are now ready to access the network in more efficient manner. Nokia phones now come with the capability of accessing 3G network and Wi-Fi networks.

All these developments have in fact set the stage for a string of developments. We should now see set of applications that can revolutionize the use of mobile devices in years to come. These applications will trigger a realization of importance of security identification that will influence further development of applications.

Next let us try and understand what killer applications can make our hand-held devices even more important to us.