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Friday, April 06, 2018

Interesting Readings 06-Apr-2018

I would like to watch how NCLT decisions filter through Supreme Court.

This is another area where drastic simplification is required. If Form16 has the data why can't Income Tax pick it up directly from employers. This makes filing taxes difficult for the citizens. Then government complains why tax compliance is very low.

This is the problem when there is no coordination between producers. That is why I have proposed Smart Agriculture Management System.

Educomp was once a darling of the market. As one of the early investors (not in personal capacity), I visited their Bangalore school. When they went Asset heavy for a business model that was asset light (software platform for education), Educomp missed the game. It could have become one of the Indian unicorns. But self-interest triumphed over smarts. And now the company is playing another questionable game. Sad!

A 1.6 km rail track was stolen alongside a busy railway line in Madhya Pradesh. 60% of the rails were recovered and masterminds fled to Pakistan apparently. 

I wait for the day when Indian politicians go to jail for these offences. Would love it. Actually most of them will have to go. Chagan, Sharad, Ajit, Rane, Mulayam, Lalu, Sonia, Rahul, Kanimozhi, Raja, Karuna, Chidu, etc. etc. list goes on and on.

Trump is targeting $100bn over the $60 billion. China had slapped $66 billion tariffs as a response. 
I think US talks up its opponents and China talks up itself. Once we get over that, we realise this is not going to go well for China.

Greg Ip summarizes how this game will play out. Two important points:
By contrast, the U.S.’s political pain threshold is low, which other countries regularly exploit: in 2002, the European Union retaliated against U.S. steel tariffs by targeting motorcycles from Wisconsin and orange juice from Florida, both swing states in elections. The U.S. repealed the tariffs.

China has singled out products made in states represented by influential Republicans, such as whiskey, distilled in Kentucky, home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
India must wait and watch for this opportunity. If there is a possibility to supply US with a manufacturing base in India, it will give India some advantage. However, India must not make the mistake of overbuilding uneconomical capacities. Nelson Cunningham says just that - How Donald Trump’s trade policy will affect India.

I always suspected people do not use food grade ice.

There are a lot of bots spewing out content on social media. It is important to know if you are listening to a bot. Article provides some interesting links for bot-watchers. Some intelligent perspective too. 

Elon Musk recommends this one. So must watch.

World War Watch
Indian Govt firms up plans for made-in-India Kalashnikov rifles
Interesting development. I would love to see F35 along similar lines.

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