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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fraud and illegality in the Crisis

Till recently, that is about a year ago, I believed that substantial part of causes of the crisis were a result of mistakes, incompetence and lack of understanding. However, stark evidence is emerging as to substantial fraud and illegal dealings.  

  • First was the Robo-signing scandal (which still thrives) where banks first signed thousands of mortgage applications without any background checks. When a lender behaves in such a manner, he has clearly acquiesced to default.
  • Then there was a random credit card fees scandal that Elizabeth Warren talked about. To be sure this was known before but the scale, I realised later, was huge!
  • There were some hints, particularly how Eliot Spitzer was sidelined when pursing the money trail. Eliot Spitzer was also to blame, in my opinion, he should have kept his pants zipped.
  • Next came Madoff which was more accounting scandal in the family of Enron. One might have thought we had learnt our lessons but that was clearly naive thinking.
  • Then came Bloomberg expose about secret Fed facilities to big banks. The problem here is the way Fed is structured as against normal central banks. In many ways Fed looks like a club of bankers rather than a government sponsored, independent controller of monetary policy. Fed reform is critical and I find both Senate and the House, i.e. the Congress lacking in will and expertise. 
  • Further, we get the news that Treasury secretary Hank Paulson had a closed door meeting about possible liquidation of Freddie and Fannie while claiming they were healthy to the public.
  • The ultimate was expose about Congress being allowed to trade on inside information. This is becoming tragic. This is US we are talking about not some banana republic. 
  • Then, the way MF Global was handled, the way client money was dealt with.

One important common ingredient has been how effectively democracy has been subverted by these forces. MF Global showcases how financial institutions are able to subvert the right to property, a fundamental right at the core of democracy, by allowing financial institution to use personal money to further their cause. Janet Tavakoli's recent article is right - this is class 1 fraud

Finally, I am surprised at my naivete. I also wonder why no one has yet gone to jail.