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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Newer Orgnisation Structures

One of my pet implication of the global slowdown is changes in organization structures. I think this is one of areas where organization-citizen relationships are going to be redefined. We are going to see restoration of balance in this relationship. Currently, organizations have disproportionate leverage that is being misused. It means new value-chains, new types of organizations based on skills.

No one has noticed but Apple just did that - the application part was moved out of the organization into public domain - modifying the traditional value chain that Friedman mentions.

Further I think organization-employee relationships are going to change fundamentally. We will have new loose forms of organizations that can fail easily and not become tighly controlled - economic behemoths that can hold entire economies to ransom. The new form of organisation will most likely have Schumpeterean creative destrution switch built into their DNA making them more efficient, vibrant through fail-fast, fail-safe means.