Thursday, April 06, 2006

My new Samsung D600!

Finally I migrated from my year-and-half old Sony Ericsson K700 to Samsung D600!! Its been a well thought out decision after a lot of deliberations. I also found a website wherein you get amazing reviews of mobile phones(!

Yet, even after careful selection I found some drawbacks and its just the second day of using it! I guess every good thing also has a little scope for improvement!!

Migrating to D600
I found it extremely difficult to migrate my contacts from Sony Ericsson K700 to D600. I did not have the data cable for K700 did not help the matter. However, I used the Send all option from contact menu of K700 and selected via bluetooth. The D600 received the whole transmission yet only showed one contact in the address book. I eventually had to transfer all my contacts one-by-one! (I know using a computer things would have been simpler but the fact is sending entire address book did not work in D600)

Short service "SMS"
In D600, I cannot choose the default storage for SMS messages. It directly comes into SIM. There is also no option to backup the SMS into the memory card. Also try saving the number from whom you receive an SMS into one of the existing contacts. You cant do it!!! ( I usually get SMS from people saying "This is my new number" rather than getting a vcard!) Life is going to be hell!!

Where are the "Text Notes"
Thirdly, there should have been option for text notes (not those included in the calender but simple stand-alone text notes).

"Menu"s in context
The menus do not change according to context. For example, if I am typing an SMS, the left soft key shows "options" where I click to reach send. However, ideally send should have appeared as the soft key option and options should have come at the right soft key. The right soft key shows "back" which deletes the message if you are not careful.

Samsung does not believe in taking the "Short Cut"
You cannot assign all menu options to the shortcuts. The options are restricted and rest of the menu are out of bounds!!

Cannot fly without a "Flight mode"
Lastly, an executive phone that does not have a "airplane mode" or "flight mode" is hard to believe. They should have included it on D600. Of course Mobile-review team has mentioned this in their review but this is something what I call a must have!
MP3 Player, No radio!!
Where is the radio? With a phone equipped with good quality sound the lack of radio is a disappointment.

In sum...
So there it is the list of some of the drawbacks of what basically is a "potentially" great phone. There are loads of features like TV out and great camera and a lot more. I am hoping they have sorted these things out in the next edition D800 slim slider phone! For more on D600 / D800 and other mobile phones visit!