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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Police Officer at every corner!!

Recently I read an passage where it was depicted that a lady calls for help and a cop arrives on the scene. I was amazed. If I call out "HELP" not one police will ever come. In fact, like in the Bollywood movies, police will only come in last.

How important is it for a developing nation to have an evolved police force. For all the power that exists in a nation is personified in that police officer. A nearly omni-present Police is greatest of crime fighters. But more importantly, it is also essential for development. (Assuming that Police are doing their duty)

I can imagine Police preventing Garages from repairing automobiles on the road, Hawkers creating new road-side stalls, Slums from coming up, People spitting on the roads, or to sum prevent abuse of public property. They would also protect small children trying to cross the roads, accompany the elderly through traffice crossings, prevent chain snatchers and in general make the environment exceptionally safe.

Eutopia is it? I am told Hong Kong already has such a thing, and Singapore too. India is far behind!! Can we say that the real roots of reforms is in police reforms. Law and Order is first step towards REAL development. What say?