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Friday, October 21, 2005

Check-Out The "New" Mumbai Airport

How much earlier do you need to reach the Airport so that you can Check-in for your flight? Of course I know that there is Tele-checkin facility. But one has to finally check one-self in physically! And try doing that at Mumbai Airport during the morning time.

I telecheckedin a day before (some luxuries of loyalty program!). I reached the airport at 5:30am for 6.45am Mumbai Chennai flight. I waited for 10 minutes at the baggage screening counter, 15 minutes at the Check-in counter, proceeded for security check and spent 50 minutes waiting for security check and finally boarded the plane at 7.45am! I was early because rest of them took about 15 more minutes to get to the plane! And this is the new terminal at the Mumbai "International" Airport.

For more than 30 check-in counters they have 4 security check counters and 7 Boarding gates leading to one Bus pickup platform! (Thats right there are no aerobridges!!!) Now anyone will tell you that these proportions seem to be TOTALLY wrong! They did not read "The Goal!". What a shame that all this investments have yielded almost nothing!!!

So much for infrastructure!! And to think of it Mr. Prime Minister wants to make a Shanghai out of Mumbai!!!